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Want To Know If You Need A New Tire? Check Out These Signs

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Beside the obvious flat tire, there are indications that you will want to be well aware of in order to know that it is time to have your tires replaced. After all, the last thing you want to do is to drive around on a bad tire. Here are some of the signs you will want to keep an eye out for:

Wires Are Poking Through

Even if you are simply noticing one little wire and it is barely pushing through the rubber, it is an indication that your tire is well overdue for a replacement. The wires start to show when the tread is extremely low or almost completely gone. It is crucial that you do not continue to drive your vehicle with that tire on it. At any time and without any warning, you could find that the tire could blow and that could cause an accident to happen should you be driving when that occurs.

The Tread Is Worn Along One Side

Take a moment to carefully look over the tread of your tire. If it appears that one side of the tire has less tread than the other, you will want to have the tire replaced right away. Do not assume that just because there is a lot of tread on one side of the tire that that is good enough. It isn't and the side with little tread will continue to get worse, as this is likely the result of a problem with the alignment of your vehicle. Along with having the tire replaced, you will need to immediately have the alignment issue taken care of. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the same situation with your new tire in just a few short weeks.

There Are Cups Of Tread Missing

If you look along your tire and you spot what appear like cups of tread missing every few inches around the tire, it could be that you have a problem with the vehicle's suspension system. That system will need to be repaired and a new tire put on as soon as possible. If this is a problem that you allow to continue, you will find that the condition of the tire will get a lot worse until it finally blows out on you.

Should you notice any of the previously mentioned signs of a bad tire, you will want to immediately have it replaced. If the tire is in too bad of shape, you might want to have your vehicle towed to the shop for tire services. To avoid the cost of a tow truck, you could have the vehicle jacked up and the bad tire removed. Take the bad tire in and then put the new tire back on the vehicle when you get home.

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