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Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Shopping For New Tires

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It seems that many people wait until they have a flat tire before they go shopping for new tires. However, It is always a good idea to keep a spare set in storage. This way, you will always have the same type of tires to keep on your vehicle. Whether you are just looking for a single tire to fix a flat, need a set of snow tires for the winter, or want to have extras in storage, here are s few tips for buying them.

The Right Size

Unless you bought your vehicle new, from the dealer, there is a chance that someone has replaced the original tires with some that are the wrong size. Always check the owner's manual to determine what sizes you can use. If the vehicle can use standard tires or performance tires, the manual will give you the proper size for each type.

Road Conditions

Driving in the city, on well-kept roads is different than driving in rural areas which may have stone or dirt roads. Driving on high-speed highways is also different. The differences can cause your tires to wear down faster. In addition, they may cause different areas of the tire to wear down. Always talk with the tire sales person to determine which tires are rated for the roads you will be driving on most.


If you know that you are getting ready to entire the rainy season, winter is coming, or the temperature is going to be extremely hot, consider this when shopping. Temperature, rain, and ice can all affect how your tires grip the road. You want to have the right tires so you do not cause an accident.

Driving Habits

If you tend to drive hard and fast, make sure you purchase tires that will handle this. They need to be able to corner quickly and still grip the road. This is when you should consider a high-performance tire. If you are a more cautious driver, you will want to have tires are designed for everyday travel. There is no reason to purchase high-performance tires as they are no necessary and can reduce the gas mileage you are used to.

Check your tires regularly. If one seems to be low on air, make sure to fill it immediately. If it keeps losing air, it is time to consider replacing it. Before having it replaced, take a good look at the other tires. It could be time to replace the whole set. Don't risk an accident because you didn't change your tires on time. If you have a spare set in the garage, you can replace them all a once and then have a bit of time before you need to buy another set.